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Green fuel, Biomass Briquettes and pellets

Who We Are


Leading Manufacturer and Wholesaler suppliers of Green fuel Biomass Briquettes, and pellets in Pan India.

Our Goal

To become a green and sustainable energy company of repute with economical value addition of Agri waste and helping India become Net Zero Emitter by 2070


There was an issue with the Stubble burning post-harvest to catch up fast with or prepare for the second harvest season. We propose to start manufacturing Biomass Briquettes from Agri-waste and catering to the need of industries having boilers, and furnaces otherwise using coal, firewood, etc. as a source of energy.

Economic value addition of Biomass and Agri-waste to Green and Sustainable Energy Solutions by setting up Biomass Briquettes manufacturing plant and catering to the need of the stakeholders including 3P ( People, Planet, Profit)

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